Tips to help a new mom in Pakistan.

If you are a new mom and all that is happening in your life right now seems too overwhelming and confusing than here are some tips to help you get by:

Tell people who tell you to stop crying to STFU.

Know that this is not going to end anytime soon. It WILL get better. Thora sa.  When, you ask? Well it all depends on the little human you’ve created. There is nothing you can do to expedite the process.

Ask your mom to come help you out or GO HOME (some Saaso mas are great, but they can never substitute for your mom. You will feed the need to scream, you will want to shout and we all know we can only do that with our dear old ammis/amma/mama.

Reach out to other new moms; you need the support of those who are going through the same shit. No one understands better than the first mommy clan.

Do not ask, TELL your ‘Majazi Khuda’ what he needs to do. If his services were required to create your lo, he better be available to stay up the night too.

Some friends will disappear from your life after the arrival of your little one. Because they think you will only talk about your lo, your milk production issues, your lack of sleep etc etc. Guess what they are right. You will only talk about those things and more. DO NOT stop.  Friends who have issues with your issues can FO.

If you were working before the baby. Go back to work. It will keep you sane.

If you can’t go back to work, embrace being a stay-at-home mom as quickly as possible. The earlier you do that, the better your life would be.

If you can afford to get help. HIRE ONE! Trust me its the best thing you can do for yourself and the baby.

Find a doctor that you are comfortable with, you are and will be the primary care taker and for that reason it is imperative to find one YOU trust.


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