Breast feeding

It is recommended that a child be bf for a year at least. It is also expected for new moms to breast feed their kids as soon as they pop out of them. It is also presumed that new moms will have ample supply, limitless and endless.

All this is true. It can happen. It does for some but for many it is something they either experience later or never. BUT. They are told day after day how they need to try harder, eat more, drink more, do a lot more. Not understanding that maybe…. Maybe the woman in question is actually not producing enough. What if the pressure of breast-feeding is taking a toll on the woman and she doesn’t want to breast-feed.

I recently had a conversation with a new mom who is a self-proclaimed expert read judgmental as fuck about breastfeeding and how I found it extremely difficult and wouldn’t want to go through it again. I was told how ungrateful I was and how I will never have the bond she has with her child. FML right.

Now I am sure she had her reasons of telling me my bond with my child is entirely dependent on my LO sucking my boobs dry but please let your hypocritical self judge your own shit. To be honest why is it such a big issue if someone finds breast feeding challenging. You have another human being (even if it came from within you) attached to your boobs 24/7. You know you are nothing but a cow for now. You exist only for the child. Can’t even poop when you want to or eat what you want to. HOW CAN ANYONE BE A RAY OF SUNSHINE IS BEYOND MY UNDERSTANDING. But I do feel some can handle it better than others and that’s fantastic. Just don’t tell me you are fanfuckingtastic and I am not.

And to the “BEST MOM IN THE WORLD”. Let live and fuck off


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