To discipline or not to discipline

As kids grow and become more aware of their surroundings, they tend to be more vocal, more demanding. They may not know what is right or wrong but do things that adults term badtameez. From throwing things on the floor to pushing and even kicking. Now I do think it’s important to explain to the child why we the adults think these things are wrong but what do you do when you are the only one disciplining your child?!
I have noticed most parents or guardians do not bother, instead say things like how cute or laugh. I’ve experienced it first hand. Here I am telling my LO pushing/kicking is bad, while the other child who is also pushing is not being told off. And it is during these instances I ask my self whether I am doing the right thing or not. How will this bias treatment affect my child.
Request to all parents and guardians.
If your child is throwing things, shouting at other kids, pushing, pulling hair etc then understand that these are behavior issues that need your attention and intervention and FOR FUCK SAKE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

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