Baby-friendly Restaurants

When I was in the US last year, I wanted to experience dining at a Michelin star restaurant. and was quite excited about finally being able to eat at one. To my dismay I found out that there was a ‘No kids under the age of 10’!!!! policy boohoo. Disappointed, I just cursed all who could go to the restaurant and hoped the food they ordered there sucked. I am sure people who could go had the best time of their lives making me jealous all over again.

Anyway that experience made me appreciate the restaurants in Pakistan even more. Here I feel people are over accommodating. They not only try and make it worthwhile for you, but also pay extra attention to your child’s needs. Now some may argue and disagree with this practice and even advocate for a no child policy at restaurants. However as a parent of a 2 year old, I absolutely love it and wish everyone in the world can let me and my child eat at their restaurants together.

Here are some of the places in Pakistan that not only serve top quality food but are also welcoming and extremely hospitable.

Tao in Lahore, Koel in Karachi, Nirvana in Lahore and Nandos in Lahore D.H.A branch.


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