What’s the problem?

The day was gorgeous. Bright and sunny and not too hot. Just as I like it. Well to be honest I actually prefer the grey gloominess of a cloudy day and even better if it’s pouring hard. Anyway so there I am enjoying my day at a music event with my little one surrounded by people who also seem to be having a great time. Until I heard a girl barely out of her potty pants (she must be in her twenties but felt the need to wear ill fitted pants that only made it seem as if she is wearing adult diapers) grunt and sigh and more. Her urghs and yukhs were too loud and I could only feel sorry for her for going through whatever she was going through.. Maybe her fart was stuck up her ass and she couldn’t let it out. Baichari.

It is only when she passed us by giving me a dirty look that I understood madam was grumbling because we were walking slowly. Heelllloo tiny twos have tiny feet, just like your tiny little heart, also since you are still struggling to walk without a diaper, understand that 2 year olds haven’t yet mastered the art of walking up the stairs on their own. Here’s a suggestion find a way around parents with young kids or find a spot where you can fart easily and loosen up.


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