Perks of being Pregnant

You can eat as much as you want without any guilt.images

You can take as many naps as you can just cuz.fcd36927-de69-4563-8b76-46918f790901

Feel like being snappy for no reason. Go ahead and let it all out.aa93502df6e14e057826735696f2a466

No period or any type of aches related to it. period-memes-facebook2

Love handles? What love handles. Say hello to your glorious, very pregnant belly.d6527ddb11e4f4a8ac8beaaec3f582b6

Extra attention from everyone around you.5c95553bbb93503a71a63e9789bca960

Luscious hair.11qpn4

You always get a seat.Train Manners

Maternity Leaves. 3 months/ a year depending on how awesome your work place is.0d71a53145184805a9c53eaa81006032af96db6bb02e4e2937d23721173395c9

You also forget to hold that tummy in. It’s all out and you don’t (2)


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