10 things Pakistani women want their husbands to do post pregnancy.

Most dads-to- be are pretty naive about what happens post pregnancy. They are not prepared to deal with the pressure of taking care of a tiny creature and also understanding what their wife needs.  In this never ending task of becoming an awesome dad and also an understanding husband, most give up. They decide to take a step back and in the process makes it worse for the new mom. Now many people say you need to tell the man directly what you want him to do and we agree. So below are some of the things women in Pakistan want their husbands to do.

Take the child from us, voluntarily. Why do we have to scream and remind you.

Let us sleep in.


Surprise us with a spa voucher.

Talk about anything other than our baby


Tell us how gorgeous we look even if we look deadbeat.


Listen to us whine about anything and everything. Silently.

Take care of the night feeds.

download (2)

Never criticize.

Encourage us to talk about our emotions and DO NOT judge, even if you don’t understand.


If we say we have postpartum depression. Then we probably do. Understand that it is real and it can happen to anyone.

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