Things new parents in Pakistan wish people would bring as gifts.

Most new parents are fully equipped with everything they could get their hands on for their baby. Bottle warmer to a car seat to tiny little onesies. So when you give them something they have in abundance know that your present is stacked neatly in a pile that will probably be given away. Here are few things that guarantees a long thank you note.

Diapers. Jab bhi lao gay, khusshi kay aanso he millain gay.

images (9)

Wipes will get you the same reaction.

images (10)

Something for the mother. Anything even a kurta from an ongoing sale.


Instead of the cream cake you decide on getting from the nearby bakery, get some other meetha like Macaroons from Mocca, Gajjar Ka halwa (kaheen say bhi), Carrot from Pantry.

.images (11)

Bring dinner from their favorite place. (Umar Khayam’s yummy kebab plate)

images (12)


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