Thank you for the music

Have you ever met a kid who doesn’t move or flap his/her arms like a chicken when listening to a song or two? They can’t help it; they are just naturally fascinated by a melody. They immerse themselves into a song they like and keep going back to it over n over again. Now if we talk about studies, there aren’t any on whether kids of young age benefit anything from listening to music but then who needs studies and researches when what you see proofs it works. You get a happier, chirpier musical child!!

Now there are studies about the effects of learning music, result of which declares that it can increase the kids IQ level. However a new study from Northwestern University revealed that in order to fully reap the cognitive benefits of a music class, kids can’t just sit there and let the sound of music wash over them. They have to be actively engaged in the music and participate in the class. (Source Time Magazine)

That is only possible if your child is of the age which is around 5 since most music classes do not accept kids who are younger than that. What you can do in the meantime is let your child listen to a number of melodies and songs. You can start with classical, move onto rock or pop, you can even introduce the genre you like and thats it. You’ll have a happy bunny who would jump up and down with joy every time you’ll put his/her favorite song.

For clueless parents who are not into music (gasp) try our favorites and see if your LO loves it as much as ours.

For some good old rock n roll Queens ‘Somebody to Love’

Dancing with Bruno Mars and his Uptown funk

Introducing local folklore with Paar Channa by Noori

For the love of instrumentals Bach street prelude by Vanessa Mae

And then the strange, Tilted by Christine and the Queens


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