10 things every Pakistani ma say to her daughter in law with kids.

When you become a mother, all the mothers in the world specially the one in close proximity like your mother-in-law have things to say. Things that are hurtful and outright silly. Most do not hold back. So f you are about to give birth to your child then pay attention and get ready. If you’ve already given birth to one or few then let us know what else was said to you.

  1. Kitna patla ho gaya hai mera pota. Issay khana nahin khila rahi tum?
  2. Beta don’t you think he is a little on the heavy side? I think you should put him on a diet
  3. Tum kitni moti ho gaee ho.
  4. Tum thaki thaki lag rahi ho; kyoun?
  5. Hamaray Zamanay mein…..
  6. uff she is beautiful. She looks exactly like meray abba ki naani kay maamo ki beti.
  7. Is ka sar nahin banaya tum nay?
  8. Assay moon mein daal dou. (While grabbing your boobs)
  9. Tum pura din kya karti rehti ho?
  10. Bus ab jaldi say doosra bacha bhi kar he lo.



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