Dish a Day challenge

As parents we like to try different recipes we see online, on sites that makes the dish look scrumptious. From Banana pancakes to Nutella Crepes to Quiches and even Quesadillas. We think our child will automatically be attracted to what we like so we rush to the kitchen and start cooking. The carefully crafted plate of food is then put in front of our very picky child and then we wait. For the child to eat the food and also like it but what we get is a big fat NO.

It kills us to see all that effort going to waste. All we wanted was the child to try and give food that he/she hasn’t tasted a chance.  So this month we’ve decided to keep calm and keep cooking.  I am going to try different recipes every day and see if the little one in my life gives the dish of the day a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

Wednesday 12th April 2017

Tofu Pasta.  The base of the recipe was taken from but I added a little bit of beans and white sauce.

Here’s their version

and heres mine (sorry for the bad lighting, It didn’t look as bad as it does over here)


Verdict. A hit. The child loved it and ate it all and in mommy world that’s a big thumps up.


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