You NEED these!!!

If you are about to become a parent for the first time you probably have a list of things you ‘think’ you need. Like a diaper pail or a diaper stacker. NO you DO NOT need these. There are hundreds and thousands of useless stuff most first time parents buy which is okay but might need to just more clutter around the house. If you’re looking for clutter don’t worry that will happen as soon as your child learns she can throw things and turn the whole house into her personal playground. Here are top five things we first time parents need and should have.



You may not need this if you live in a place where you can drink directly from the tap or you have a dishwasher. Here in Pakistan you got to have one. It will ensure the bottles are sterilized for fragile little creature who is totally dependent on you. You can go the boiling bottle route too but if you can afford to then get the sterilizer. It WILL  increase the life of the bottles. (It is recommended that you change the nipples every 6 months)

euro bath tub


One of the most daunting thing about being a parent to a new born is giving her a bath. We usually get our daadis and ammas to take over that task but you have to do it eventually. Here is a bathtub that’s perfect for an infant. That stopper in the middle prevents the baby from slipping and it makes it super easy for the first time parent to give their little one a comfy bath.

images (1)


Baby shops and Toys shops all over Pakistan now have lots of different types of foam mats for kids. Different designs and color are available for you to choose from. Now you NEED this for some safety for your child through the different stages she will go through. Tip: Get the Urdu one for we tend to focus more on the English letters only to realize that our child is incapable of reading urdu letters before going to school. (masla he masla)

images (4)


A baby monitor or any two devices that can be used for monitoring.  You can use facetime for iphone or skype or any other free video calling app as a baby monitor.  Why do you need one. So you don’t have to be in the same room or the same floor as your child. You can move around and get things done.



ENTERTAINMENT (Laptop with lots of movies and tv series installed or books).

People say new moms are like cows, their only purpose in life right after giving birth is to feed her child. Soooo if you decide to breastfeed then prepare to be a cow for the next few weeks. You need a good collection of movies and tv series to get you by or books about raising a child. Our favorite is The New Contented Little Baby Book by Gina Ford.


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