Mother’s Day

For every day that’s celebrated world wide there is a group of saroos who would say everyday is/should be that day. Let me try and make it a little easy for people including many moms who think that way.

Do you REALLY want to clean after your child EVERYDAY?

Do you REALLY want to NEVER sleep for more than 4 hours?

Do you REALLY want to someone to be with you ALL THE TIME?

Do you REALLY want to never shit in peace again?

Answer these truthfully and if you did then I bet the answer to all these was a big fat NO. And that’s okay. I don’t understand why it is expected from mothers to be the only one committed to the task of tending to a child’s needs. Most woman actually do feel it is their JOB to do be more involved than the father ‘Wo tou baap hai wo kaisay karay ga, mein MAA hoon, muhay he karna hai.’ Haan bhai you are the mother and if you want to focus on just being that tou taalian. But THAT IS EXACTLY why you should celebrate and know that it is all YOU!!!!

Also here’s a detailed definition of Mother’s Day according to Quroa.

‘Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.’

Tou phir

Go for YOUR favorite movie

GO for a spa


Let your husband and kids make food for you OR

Make food for them but food YOU want to eat

You want t involve your family? Go ahead but do that by letting them in on what you desire, what you want and not the other way round.

Celebrate it. Enjoy it. YOU HAVE EARNED IT.



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