How hard can it be?

You think its challenging, a little tiring but also quite satisfying until…. things happen and you question! Why…

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Thank you for the music

All kids love music. Give them two sticks and they start banging on the wall or the floor, give them two plates and hear the clanking sound for hours. Play an instrument for them and see the sparkle in their eyes. It’s natural for kids to be excited by different sounds and if it’s in the form of a melody then they are hooked. Encourage that by playing songs of all genre, you might have to play one that your child ends up loving the most, on repeat but hey what you get in the end is a happier, chirpier musical child.

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Things new parents in Pakistan wish people would bring as gifts

Most new parents have everything they think they need, way before the baby pops, it’s just what new parents do. Pre- plan for every possible scenario. So what do you bring to them. Love and the following things..

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10 things Pakistani women want their husbands to do post pregnancy.

Most dads-to- be are pretty naive about what happens post pregnancy. They are not prepared to deal with the pressure of taking care of a tiny creature and also figuring out what their wives need.  In this never ending task of becoming an awesome dad and also an understanding husband, most give up. They decide to take a step back and in the process makes it worse for the new mom. Now many people say you need to tell the man directly what you want him to do and we agree. So below are some of the things women want you (the dad) to do.

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Things new moms do not want to hear

First there was one and now there are two. The switch from a hormonal pregnant woman to a new mom is quite sudden. It’s nothing you’ve ever experienced before, slightly daunting, somewhat thrilling and a whole lotta frightening. For someone who goes through these varied emotions, any input be it from their friends, relatives or even strangers, specially the ones that make them feel inadequate are considered totally unwarranted. Here are few the new moms absolutely detest.

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Ma, bacha aur Potty.

People talk about sleepless nights, the barfs, they warn you about the boob rejection, sleeping disorder but NO ONE talks about the poop. You only realize its significance after seeing a tar like poop that comes out of your baby. You freak out, call your doctor, and search online. Double check with your ma, your grandma, motherinlaw, chacchi, phoopi, khala, maama etc etc and then you post a query on one of many post pregnancy facebook forums you follow.

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