Labor ward, the place where you lose all inhibitions, you become a person who is strong yet in pain and someone who doesn’t give a shit about anyone but yourself and the baby. One would think that attendants in the department would be kinder, knowing the pain the mothers to be are going through but that is far from the truth.

Most attendants are tough cookies, they hardly smile and have a karak jawab ready for anything that’s thrown their way. Here are few some of the most common things midwives/nurses say to the new mommies to be.

On being called to complain about the pain.

download (9)

On screaming with pain (Kyon chilla rahi ho).


During last leg of labor pains

images (15)

rani angry

During actual delivery

images (7)

ps. Not all midwives are this crazy. We have met some amazing ones too who went out of their way to help some of us. so Kudoos to them. It’s not easy handling hormonal ladies who are in extreme pain.

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