Mother’s Day

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Thank you for the music

Have you ever met a kid who doesn’t move or flap his/her arms like a chicken when listening to a song or two? They can’t help it; they are just naturally fascinated by a melody. They immerse themselves into a song they like and keep going back to it over n over again. Now if we talk about studies, there aren’t any on whether kids of young age benefit anything from listening to music but then who needs studies and researches when what you see proofs it works. You get a happier, chirpier musical child!!

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Baby-friendly Restaurants

When I was in the US last year, I wanted to experience dining at a Michelin star restaurant. and was quite excited about finally being able to eat at one. To my dismay I found out that there was a ‘No kids under the age of 10’!!!! policy boohoo. Disappointed, I just cursed all who could go to the restaurant and hoped the food they ordered there sucked. I am sure people who could go had the best time of their lives making me jealous all over again.

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You know you’re lucky if…

You know you are lucky if you have friends that are by your side when you are at your saddest.

You know you are lucky if you have friends who call you every hour to check if you need anything.

You know you are lucky if you have friends who believe in you more than yourself.

You know you are lucky if you have friends who show up so you don’t feel lonely.

I am definitely the luckiest person in the world to know girls who are kind, beautiful, talented and just incredible.

I thought I was ready. Prepared for what I was told will happen post pregnancy. Every book I read, every advice I got was a lie. I wasn’t ready, not even close. I went through emotions I didn’t know existed. I didn’t understand why it was happening. Postpartum depression was something I never thought I’d go through but I did. I was full of self-doubt and uncertainty; felt severely insignificant. It was tough and I am not sure I’ve completely recovered but I do know that I am more aware of myself than I ever was. I know what I want and I know what I can get. I wish I could say it was all easy but it wasn’t and if it weren’t for some amazing women in my life whose constant attention, care and support led me through, I don’t think I would’ve survived.

So to my lovelies.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!