Flying with young kids

The first time we travelled with our child was when she was 8 months old. She had a schedule (somewhat) and was easy to handle. Our trip was also a short one, around 4 hours so the little prep that we did was enough. She even slept through half of our flight time. However it was a whole different ball game when she became a toddler. We decided to take one of the longest flights ever (well you can’t really do anything about it if you’re traveling from Pakistan to the US). Both the flights were extremely distinctive due to the duration of the flight as well as the age of our child. It’s challenging but shouldn’t stop us from enjoying a time away from life with our chooto.

So here are few things you should look at before flying with your infant or your toddler.

Book the bassinet seat. You’ll get extra leg space and a bed for your sleeping infant. You can pre book the seat as well. Ask your travel agent to do it even for your return ticket. Reconfirm before flying.

Do carry your child’s favorite toys, a blankie, play dough, color pencils and drawing books anything that can keep your little one busy.

Ask the air hostess for an extra blanket. You can spread it on the floor for your child and turn it into a play area (remember that extra leg space walli seat. You can only do this if you have that seat.)

If are traveling with a toddler and if you can, then book a seat for him/her.

If you can’t afford to book an extra seat then be mentally prepared for it will definitely be a little uncomfortable for both you and your child. Especially if the flight is a 13-hour long one.

Pack snacks that the airline allows.

For milk. Most airlines have whole milk available on board and if you are lucky you’ll get a crew that’s uber helpful. But to be on the safe side, get few small packs of uht treated milk for your child.

Some countries require your child to be seated in a car seat, and some don’t so pre check by googling

Many hotels have cribs available. Pre book or ask the hotel if they can arrange it for you.

To prevent the discomfort your child might feel due to air expansion, massage your child’s ears from behind and give the earlobes a few gentle tugs from time to time. Toddlers also find it helpful to suck on something or have a drink during takeoff and landing.

Don’t rush though your itinerary. Keep your plans fluid. Traveling with kids is a little unpredictable.

Be prepared for rude comments from fellow passengers about your over talkative and hyper active child. There is nothing you can do so let those passengers crib. You enjoy your time with your baby.


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