Ma, bacha aur Potty.

People talk about sleepless nights, the barfs, they warn you about the boob rejection, sleep refusal but NO ONE talks about the poop. You only recognize its significance after seeing a tar like poop that comes out of your your baby. You freak out, call your doctor, and search online. Double check with your ma, your grandma, motherinlaw, chacchi, phoopi, khala, maama etc etc and then you post a query one one of the post pregnancy facebook forums.

It takes you a while and after many bouts of poop talk and seeing all different hues you find yourself thinking about when to introduce the poo seat. 6 month would be too early, 1 year would be too late, 2 years is perfect or should you wait for her to be 3. Some do it as soon as they can sit and some wait till the child can actually speak. There is no one correct method; it varies from person to person however in bare bottom cultures like ours most people tend to potty train their kids at an early age. Talk to the ammajis in your family and you’ll hear them almost bragging about how their little ones were potty-trained well before their 1st birthday. An achievement that is brag worthy!

So what was it, how did mothers back in the day made it happen so fast? And why do we take our sweet time training our kids nowadays. It could be…. the fact that we are too reliance on the super absorbent diapers, too many online studies supporting the late training method, our busy schedule or that we as parents are just not ready? Whatever the reason we can’t deny the fact that the method used back in the day did lead to kids being trained way earlier and who better to tell us how to go about it then the proud mothers of yesteryear. Here are few guidelines by them.

Start taking the child to the bathroom as soon as he/she can sit.

Make shoo shoo or si si sound while holding him/her over the toilet seat. Do this everyday, several times a day.

Say no to pampers and look for cues. There will be accidents so be ready.

Take them to the bathroom every 30 min. Let them stay there for a bit. Don’ forget the shoo shoo or sssss sound.

When on the toilet seat, splash a bit of water and wait till they pee.

Morning trip to the loo is important and right after their meals as well.


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